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From Current & Former Students, Parents, & Families

"Huntington-Surrey goes out of its way to help students find the path that works for them. It’s not for every student. But I’m grateful it was there for me. I hope you can help it continue to be there for others, too."


"Huntington-Surrey has provided me with the pleasure of academic rigor in conjunction with a good measure of creativity and flexibility in learning. Though I came to the school as a junior, they quickly acknowledged and accommodated my particular goals. This school is the first that I have ever felt constructively challenged in...I would like to highlight in particular the push by the students and the faculty towards collective and individual knowledge (both creative and scholarly). This continual progress makes a lovely environment in which to learn."

"Excellent, highly-qualified educators in a supportive environment. My son loves attending school! Truly a hidden gem in Austin, Texas. Highly recommend to parents desiring a phenomenal education for their child."

"Huntington-Surrey changed my son's life. The teachers and staff provide a nurturing environment that allows him to flourish both academically and socially. For the first time, he realizes how much potential he has, and with the guidance of his teachers he has realized that he is truly gifted academically."

"Huntington-Surrey has made an extraordinary difference in the life of my grandson! It has been a true joy to watch his spirits lift and his self-esteem and happiness soar. I feel this success is due to a small number of students in the classrooms, which provide the perfect setting for bright, capable students who are eager to learn. I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for brilliantly giving him not only a fine education but also the gift of hope and vision for the future. Keep up the great work!"

"Great staff who work hard to understand and tailor to the student's needs. There is a great culture of acceptance and students can be themselves and not feel a need to conform to a standard. Thank you Huntington-Surrey - you have been a great support to my son."

"We found Huntington-Surrey after attending two start-up schools. I love the idea of the innovation of a new school but we eventually realized that you don't want your kid going through those growing pains. Leaders, teachers, and curriculum changed several times and we were never sure they would stay open. We realized we needed stability plus flexibility. Huntington-Surrey is just that. The teachers have infectious passion and even though they were established many decades ago they are still innovative. The academics are rigorous enough that my gifted son feels stimulated but the workload is reasonable. Classes are small (2-8) so they have great discussions. And very importantly they were willing to make accommodations for his dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADHD. They know that even though my kid is smart his brain learns a little differently than most which is great. Overall we're very happy with the school!"

"The most individualized and flexible program I've seen. Truly caring staff...Huntington-Surrey is a blessing to my entire family."

"I came to Huntington-Surrey as a high school junior. Before that, I’d attended – and left – four other schools. In mainstream public education, I struggled to find my place. But at Huntington-Surrey, I found something different. With small-group and unique one-on-one classes, Huntington-Surrey helped me thrive intellectually and socially. With the support and mentorship of my teachers, I went on to graduate high school – and then continued to use what Huntington-Surrey taught me as I completed college and grad school, as well. I don’t know of any other school in Austin that does what Huntington-Surrey does. Students aren’t one-size-fits-all. Why should high schools be? Huntington-Surrey provides the support and flexibility students need to flourish who might not fit in at public school or a more traditional, institutionally-oriented private school."

"This school has helped my daughter in ways that I cannot begin to explain! They work with her and her quirks."

"Attending Huntington-Surrey was one of the best experiences of my life. Every single teacher and administrator ensured that the other students and I felt safe, accommodated, and nurtured. Every student I was enrolled with came from a different background, and many of us were at the end of our ropes with nowhere else to go. Huntington-Surrey felt like home. Even after finishing my schooling Johni and Light always welcomed me back with open arms whenever I stopped by to catch up. I honestly don’t know where I would be without Huntington-Surrey. I owe everybody there a great deal."

"This school has surpassed our expectations! It’s night & day how he was doing in public schools - emotionally & academically. He’s happy, motivated, actually enjoys learning, and has A’s & B’s now.  And talk about college-ready...he took a dual credit course at ACC and made an A!"

"Huntington-Surrey has been a warm, nurturing safe space for my son, and we're so thankful we found them. He was struggling socially in the large public high school he attended, and became very depressed and withdrawn. The low student-to-teacher ratios, individualized attention, and genuine care and compassion they offer have made all the difference for him. We love it and highly recommend it!"

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