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Resources & Support From An Accredited Independent School

Homeschooling is not an easy path – especially in high school.

You’re committed to doing what’s best for your child, preparing them for college and adulthood without subjecting them to the impersonality of a big, bureaucratic mainstream high school. But at the same time, there are unique challenges:

  • Finding rigorous, secular curricular support;

  • Navigating the complexities of college admissions without the benefit of a guidance counselor or a transcript from an accredited school;

  • Ensuring that your student is fully prepared for success in college without the advantage of professional networking, contacts, and support in the world of education.


Additionally, if you homeschool with a secular and progressive approach, you may find that there exists a dearth of resources tailored to your worldview. You don’t want to compromise on your child’s needs by sending them to a mainstream school environment that you’ve found does not work for them. But at the same time, it can be difficult not to be forced to compromise in another direction instead.


At Huntington-Surrey, we understand. We exist to serve the kids who have found that big, mainstream schools – public or private – are simply not the place for them. Homeschool families are part of our community. We’re here to offer you sympathy, support, and – most important of all – concrete help.


You don’t have to enroll your student at Huntington-Surrey right away – we are flexible and understanding. We’ll work with your preferences and needs, whether that means continuing to provide your child with a high school education at home or experiencing a true alternative: College Prep With Heart, unlike any other school.

Homework with Dad
Options To Support You

We have a variety of options available to meet the homeschool community’s unique needs:

  • Take a single class a la carte – without committing to full-time enrollment, your student can sign up for up to two core academic courses and two electives at at time at Huntington-Surrey and receive the benefit of accessing a corps of experienced, empathetic teachers. We have one-on-one and distance-learning options available too, and best of all, after just one semester of class you will receive an accredited Huntington-Surrey transcript!

  • College Advisory is a class that every Huntington-Surrey student takes: an entire academic class dedicated exclusively to helping every single student decide their individual college goals, apply to schools, and get admissions offers and scholarships. Your student can take it too – even if your family isn’t ready to let go of an overall homeschool-based approach, you can still reap the rewards of College Advisory and set your child up for higher education success.

  • Sometimes, your student could use some extra help with their homework or a big class project. Huntington-Surrey can lend a hand: we have an experienced tutor on staff, available to meet with your student via Zoom on your schedule.

  • In addition to in-person part-time enrollment (which can include as many or as few classes as you need – you’re the one who knows your families unique situation), we offer all of the above over distance learning as well. You can access College Prep With Heart without even leaving home!

  • Plus, we will provide you with an accredited transcript after just one semester of classes – supplement your homeschool instruction with documentation you can include with your child’s college applications!

  • Finally, Huntington-Surrey truly is different from an impersonal, mainstream school environment. We have no bullying – zero. That’s not a promise or a policy on paper. That’s an actual, concrete reality. Our rigorous academics come with a loving, accepting environment: no one is left out. No one is excluded. No one is harassed or mistreated. This is how high school ought to be, but sadly rarely is – except here. This is the Huntington-Surrey difference. Many students thrive here who have struggled to find a place for themselves elsewhere - click here to hear from some of them. You may find that your child is the same.


So contact us now – we’ll meet with you, empathize with your needs, and discuss your options. We love hearing from members of the homeschool community and putting the resources of our school’s half-century legacy at your family's service.


Don’t wait another day – we’re here for the sake of your child’s education!

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