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Birthday Party
50th Anniversary Gala

Fifty Years of Huntington-Surrey: 1973 - 2023

Since 1973, Huntington-Surrey has been building something special: College Prep With Heart, an unparalleled marriage of academic rigor with personalized community warmth. We’ve spent decades honing and fine-tuning our model: bringing together a top-flight, passionate corps of teachers; empowering our students to co-create a vibrant, inclusive campus life; initiating generations of students into the long tradition of the liberal arts through a comprehensive college-prep academic curriculum, with our signature program, Individual Literature, at its heart; and, most recently, supporting our alumni in the creation of the Huntington-Surrey Alumni Association, an organization established and led by and for graduates of the school.


Now, all that effort – those decades of creation, expansion, hard work, and community cultivation – is culminating: for the first, last, and only time, in 2023 Huntington-Surrey is turning 50! That’s right – a full half-century of transforming students’ lives and offering a truly irreplaceable independent educational alternative in the heart of Austin.


So, we’re having a party! In 2023, Huntington-Surrey will host our 50th Anniversary Gala, an exuberant and joyful affair that will bring together the far-flung members of the Huntington-Surrey family that’s been growing since the 70s. We hope that will include you! That’s right: you’re invited! There will be excellent food and drink, live music, fascinating speakers, and a loving, celebratory community – a school only gets to turn fifty once, so we’re going all-in!


Stay posted for more details – we’ll continue to update this page with our plans. In the meantime, contact us to find out how you can be involved! This is an all-hands-on-deck initiative: families, alumni, past teachers, and all other friends of the school are warmly and cordially invited to help out with planning and preparation. How would you like to help? Let us know today – and we’re so excited to party with you this coming spring!

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