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Birthday Party
Gala Sponsors
Honor Roll

50 Years and Counting

of College Prep With Heart!

1973 - 2023

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Thank You Gala Sponsors!

Since 1973, Huntington-Surrey has been building something special: College Prep With Heart, an unparalleled marriage of academic rigor with personalized community warmth. We’ve spent decades honing and fine-tuning our model: bringing together a top-flight, passionate corps of teachers; empowering our students to co-create a vibrant, inclusive campus life; initiating generations of students into the long tradition of the liberal arts through a comprehensive college-prep academic curriculum, with our signature program, Individual Literature, at its heart; successfully transitioning from a family business to a nonprofit in 2017; and, most recently, supporting our alumni in the creation of the Huntington-Surrey Alumni Association, an organization established and led by and for graduates of the school.


Now, all that effort – those decades of creation, expansion, hard work, and community cultivation – is culminating: for the first, last, and only time, in 2023 Huntington-Surrey turns 50! That’s right – a full half-century of transforming students’ lives and offering a truly irreplaceable independent educational alternative in the heart of Austin.

Our Gala Honorees


Our 50th Anniversary Gala honored two familiar and beloved names – leaders and scholars who shepherded Huntington-Surrey together for decades, creating the traditions and unique approach that make our school so special:​

Dr. Light German & Johni Walker-Little

Gala Sponsors Honor Roll



The Connor Family


The Gormin Family

The Katz/Hinz Family Fund

Lynn Lasky

Rick Waters and Leigh McCary



Kate Martin





Rita & Bill Bruce

Ed & Lisa Collins

Steve Katz & Jacquie Lappin

The Pickens Family

The Shirhatti Family

Glenda Smith DDS Brilliant Smiles

The Strickland Family

The Su Family

The Terry Family

The Weber Family

The Woodworth Family


Parking Sponsor:

Metropolis Parking


Friends of Huntington-Surrey:

Christina Blaicher

Tina Cavanaugh

The Engle Family

The Fandrich family

The Gutierrez Family

Abi Mallick

The Posner Family
Bill Pugsley
Vicki Reed

Kelley and Charles Siliven
The Silverman Family
Jake Steinberg
The Tinsleys
Twin Liquors
The Worob Family

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