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Teenage Students Raising Hands

Work At Huntington-Surrey

Huntington-Surrey is not like other schools. Teaching here is not like other jobs.

At Huntington-Surrey, no student gets lost in the shuffle. Because we've chosen to remain a small, intimate, supportive community, every teacher gets to know every single member of the student body. Huntington-Surrey teachers don't teach to the median student because there is no median student - with our focus on intellectual exploration and personal support, you have the opportunity to work in-depth with each student as an individual.

If that's the kind of teacher you are, we want to hear from you.

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Current Openings

No Current Openings

Unfortunately, we do not currently have any jobs available. However, we are always thrilled to receive resumes from qualified teachers! We will keep your information on file and may contact you when an opportunity arises.

Please call or email for more information. Click the button below to submit a resume and cover letter. Thank you for your interest!

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