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Teenage Students Raising Hands

Work At Huntington-Surrey

Huntington-Surrey is not like other schools. Teaching here is not like other jobs.

At Huntington-Surrey, no student gets lost in the shuffle. Because we've chosen to remain a small, intimate, supportive community, every teacher gets to know every single member of the student body. Huntington-Surrey teachers don't teach to the median student because there is no median student - with our focus on intellectual exploration and personal support, you have the opportunity to work in-depth with each student as an individual.

If that's the kind of teacher you are, we want to hear from you.

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Current Openings


Huntington-Surrey School seeks a full time, salaried, exempt multi-grade level science teacher for the current school year. We are looking for a skilled educator with an enthusiasm for science and a desire to work with an eclectic group of college-bound students. Class sizes are small with typically 3-6 students in a given class period. Mentoring from an experienced science teacher is available.



  • 2+ years classroom experience as a high school science teacher;

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in a science or science-related discipline;

  • Texas teaching certification in science preferred.


Our ideal Science Teacher will:

  • Design and deliver safe and grade-appropriate lessons based on NGSS and/or other appropriate standards for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, and other high school science courses as agreed;

  • Focus on inquiry-based learning;

  • Incorporate appropriate hands-on activities and technology;

  • Encourage student participation in scientific events and activities in the community;

  • Engage in the school community including school events and programs;

  • Pursue professional development in science and general best practices in education.


Responsibilities include:

  • Planning and delivering lessons in person and, if circumstances require, via Zoom;

  • Maintaining inventory and safely storing science supplies and equipment;

  • Maintaining full and accurate records of students’ attendance and progress;

  • Adjusting teaching strategies using data based on students’ progress;

  • Communicating with parents/guardians and school staff per the school’s requirements;

  • Implementing student accommodations per the school’s special student services;

  • Utilizing and applying state, local, federal, and school policies including bullying, harassment, and CPS reporting requirements;

  • Other duties as directed.


Please call or email for more information about the position. Click the button below to submit a resume and cover letter. Thank you for your interest!

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