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College Students

How To Apply

We’re so glad you’re considering applying to Huntington-Surrey! Admissions follows a simple, three-step process:

  1. Contact us to schedule an initial interview – we’ll set up a time to meet either in person or via Zoom. You’ll get the chance to share your student’s specific experiences, interests, and needs, as well as to ask any questions you have about Huntington-Surrey.


  2. Complete the Huntington-Surrey application below and submit it, along with a writing sample and the $25 application fee.


  3. Arrange a shadow day – if it appears that your student is a good fit for Huntington-Surrey, we’ll set up a time for them to shadow a current student for a day. While getting to know their peers and teachers, shadowing students also get to experience Huntington-Surrey’s pedagogy firsthand, discovering what life is like in our unique community of learning.


Afterwards, we’ll ask you for your student’s feedback, then our teachers and administrators will meet and discuss their application. Our process is individualized and holistic – there is no one single profile that describes all of our students. Rather, our concern is with making sure that each applicant is a good fit for the school overall: we want every student to experience the best high school education for their unique traits and talents, wherever that ends up being.


If you have any questions or just want to learn more about the school, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re always glad to listen, empathize, and talk – no obligation. So click here to drop us a line!

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Academic Requirements

Huntington-Surrey welcomes many different kinds of learners. Our approach in the classroom emphasizes two things: rigorous study of the liberal arts, and a high level of individual connection and personalization in the context of small classes and one-on-one Individual Literature. In general, the most successful Huntington-Surrey students are bright and idiosyncratic thinkers – they care about understanding for its own sake, and may or may not have done well in a more conventional classroom setting. This includes students who may or may not be considered neurotypical, those who may have ADHD or be on the spectrum, who may have been designated as gifted, and who may be twice exceptional – although we are not a therapeutic school and do not offer clinical specialists on staff, we find that students who have found the traditional classroom format unengaging or unhelpful often flourish when transplanted to Huntington-Surrey's unique environment.

We generally expect applicants to be performing at or above grade level in most subjects, but we don’t have a predetermined cutoff number – our assessment of your student is individualized and holistic, and we understand that numbers don’t necessarily tell the whole story. We have found that the most important thing is that each student wants to be here – if they engage enthusiastically with the learning process while shadowing, and if they demonstrate a desire to become part of our academic community, that’s usually a very encouraging sign.

Conduct Requirements

Huntington-Surrey’s behavioral requirements start from the same premise as our academic standards for applicants: the single most important thing is that each student shows, through their actions, that they want to be here.


We are particularly proud of our zero-bullying environment: at Huntington-Surrey, that isn’t just a policy or a promise. It’s a reality. Our community is a safe and affirming place for a diverse group of students, faculty and staff – each member of it must treat everyone else with respect, consideration, and kindness.

Additionally, we do not permit any smoking or vaping either on campus or during school hours. We do not tolerate the possession or use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or paraphernalia for smoking, vaping, or drug use.

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