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Our Process

After you contact us, we'll set up a time to meet either in person or via zoom. You'll have the opportunity to share your student's specific experiences, interests, and needs as well as ask questions about our school.

The next step is for you to complete the Huntington-Surrey applicaton  and submit it with a writing sample and the $25 application fee.

If it appears that Huntington-Surrey will be a good fit, we'll set up a time for your student to "shadow" for a day or two. Shadowing students have the opportunity to get to know their peers and our teachers while experiencing daily life is in our learning community.  We'll ask you for your student's feedback, and then teachers and administrators will meet to discuss whether Huntington-Surrey and your student are a good fit. An administrator will provide you with our feedback and whether we can offer admission.

Often we are able to enroll students year round or work with students in need of credit recovery.

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Yearly tuition at our school for a full- time student is $16,410.

We also offer a la carte classes to the homeschooling community for $485 per core academic or language class, per month. Friday elective classes are $200 per class per month. An accredited Huntington-Surrey transcript is provided for students who complete a full semester of classes.

Our unique 1-1 Oxford Tutorial style literature classes are available to non-enrolled students at $115 per session with special pricing available for packages of 6, 12, or 15 sessions. These classes are open to students of all ages. 1-1 literature sessions are available via zoom for distance learning. 

As a small, non-profit school, we are committed to keeping Huntington-Surrey is as accessible as possible to our community. Some years we are able to provide limited discounts to families in need. Your financial advisor can provide information about using a 529 Plan to fund high school.

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Academic Requirements

At Huntington-Surrey, we have different kinds of learners including neurotypical students  as well as those who are ADHD, Gifted, and Twice Exceptional. We reach out to each student in ways that best benefit them.

We generally require that incoming students are performing at or above grade level. When a student shadows with us, we gauge their willingness to engage in the learning process. We promote growth mindsets in our students and look for an openness to learning!

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Behavior Requirements

The number one requirement for our students is that they behave in a way that reflects that they WANT to be at Huntington-Surrey.

Students who want to be here treat those around them with respect and kindness. As a safe and affirming place for our diverse student body, we have a zero tolerance bullying policy. Academic integrity is also a core expectation for our students.

In alignment with respect and safety for all, we do not allow any smoking or vaping on our campus or during school hours. Possession or use of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, or smoking, vaping, or drug paraphernalia is not tolerated.