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By and For the Graduates of Huntington-Surrey School


When you attend Huntington-Surrey, you don’t experience high school the same way students at other schools do. You have a unique connection to the tradition of the liberal arts and an experience of learning in an intimate, affirming environment – a community designed to let no one, not one single individual, fall through the cracks.


Your relationship with your Huntington-Surrey family doesn’t have to end. Just because you’ve moved on to find success in college and career doesn’t mean you don’t still care about Huntington-Surrey – you want to stay connected with your classmates and friends, your teachers, and your community. Most important of all, you want to make sure that generations of unique spirits in Austin get the same chance you did to flourish and thrive with the support of the College Prep With Heart philosophy.


The Huntington-Surrey Alumni Association is here for you. Supported by the school, the HSAA is run by and for Huntington-Surrey alumni. It’s about keeping that spark of connection alive, maintaining the community support and passing it along to each new generation of Huntington-Surrey students. You experienced the magic and the difference of Huntington-Surrey’s approach. Now you can be the person that passes it along to someone new.


The HSAA is about caring, connection, community, and service. It’s about making sure that no matter where you go in life, you can always still know yourself as part of the Huntington-Surrey family. Your school is rooting for you, no matter where you’ve ended up or how long ago you graduated.


So reach out and get in touch today – the HSAA offers several ways of keeping connected:


  • Contact us to sign up for Sapling to Oak, the HSAA’s free quarterly newsletter – or better yet, send in a submission! We encourage alumni to send in items in the following categories:

    • Class notes: life events, updates, news, and personal and professional developments. Weddings, graduations, births, jobs – keep your old friends and classmates in the loop, and find out what they’ve all been up to as well!

    • Obituaries: let us know when any member of our extended community passes away.

    • Writing: Do you write stories? Poetry? Essays? Journalism? Send it in – Huntington-Surrey has always been a school with a special connection to writing and English literature. Give us a chance to showcase your talent for the entire community.

    • Art: Do you draw or paint? Do you create digital graphics? Send us a copy! We want to see your creativity – and we want to pass it along to the entire Huntington-Surrey family.

    • Networking connections and opportunities: Do you know of any employment, scholarship, or internship opportunities? Help your fellow Huntington-Surrey community members – lend a hand especially to recent graduates just starting out by sending in listings and information to Sapling to Oak!

  • You have the benefit of experience and wisdom as an adult – why not pass it along to the rising generation? Contact us today to find out how you can mentor students and connect current students and recent Huntington-Surrey graduates with networking, job, and internship opportunities!

  • Huntington-Surrey is a small, independent nonprofit – keeping our unique educational model working requires all hands on deck. Why not volunteer with the school – help out, improve your community, and stay connected with Huntington-Surrey to boot?

    • In particular, if you have a background in philanthropy, accounting, real estate, nonprofit management, or education, you should volunteer to serve on the school board! Help shepherd Huntington-Surrey through the years and challenges ahead, maintaining our mission focus and serving our entire community in our always-evolving world.

  • Do you know any current high school (or middle school) families? Are their kids bright, divergent thinkers who could benefit from a top-of-the-line college-prep education and a warm, personalized, values-driven community experience? Refer prospective students to Huntington-Surrey – keep up that personal connection, generation after generation! Make sure the Huntington-Surrey legacy stays alive, person-to-person.

  • Huntington-Surrey is an independent, mission-focused nonprofit. We are not a wealthy school sitting atop a dragon-hoard endowment – every dollar that comes in goes right back into delivering the College Prep With Heart experience to our students. You can be part of that: make a tax-deductible gift today. Help keep us secure and independent – Huntington-Surrey is an irreplaceable resource. You can make sure our finances stay strong, too.

  • Last, but very far from least: our 50th Anniversary Gala is coming up next year! We’re in the planning stages right now – this is the time to get involved. Let’s work together and make sure it’s a party to remember, so contact us now to find out all the different ways you can pitch in!


Do you have other ideas? Do you just want to check in and reconnect with Johni, Margaret, your classmates, or your teachers? Reach out! We want to hear from you! The HSAA exists for you, the alumni - what would you like it to be?

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