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Success After Graduation

The Huntington-Surrey Difference

You’ve heard about Huntington-Surrey’s unique college-prep environment. What happens when prep is over and it’s time to go to college? How do Huntington-Surrey graduates stack up? Where do they actually go?


Huntington-Surrey makes a difference. Our graduates routinely rise to the top of their fields, from education to contemporary classical music to religion to economics to medicine. They attend selective liberal arts colleges and elite universities, earning significant merit-based scholarships to pay for them and studying out-of-state and overseas at extremely high rates.


Huntington Surrey delivers success for its graduates. Our small-school approach and emphasis on intellectual expansiveness equip young people to succeed in the postmodern economy. Just look at our recently-graduated Class of ‘23 by the numbers:


  • 7 graduates earned 27 offers of admission to academic institutions in 18 US states and 4 other countries.

  • 6 out of 7 are studying out-of-state and 3 out of 7 are studying abroad.

  • Collectively, they were offered $878,000 in merit scholarships (not including need-based financial aid), averaging $125,428.57 apiece.


Or check out the schools to which they earned admission:



Clearly, Huntington-Surrey is worth your investment. Our graduates earn their success, in college and in life – and the skills, values, and way of approaching the world they imbibe during their years at Huntington-Surrey help them to do so. Huntington-Surrey is a transformational education experience. Our real-world outcomes prove it.

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