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Active Learning

At Huntington-Surrey, we ensure that our students acquire the critical thinking skills that will open the way to becoming successful adults. We are committed to teaching each of our students how to think, and not what to think.


Our Philosophy

College prep looks different for different students. That means that we find the students where they are at and build them up. Our small class sizes mean that we can tailer instruction to help students perform at their best.

In general, our curriculum is focused on taking deeper dives into content areas. Instead of teaching an abundance of facts and requiring loads of memorization, we challenge our students to figure out how to find the information they are seeking. We require them to learn about reliable sources and to discern how we know what is true and real vs. what is biased or fake. Our students think critically as we challenge them to determine how that information is used and how it should be used. We ask them to think about how information connects to their own lives as well as the lives of others around the globe.

Though we are serious about education, we are also serious about having fun. We all take time to laugh and do fun activities that bring deeper understanding by "getting our hands dirty." It is not uncommon to smell something cooking, hear a guitar jam session, or see costumed kids making a satirical video.

We love unique individuals! We know that the kids who think divergently and can see the world from different angles are the problem solvers and leaders of tomorrow.

Huntington-Surrey understands that there are all kinds of minds and all kinds of ways to learn. 


Our Curriculum

As a fully accredited high school, we offer all core curriculum and electives that satisfy the Texas Education Agency's high school graduation requirements. Students may opt to take Honors or Advanced coursework for any of our core classes. We also provide a college advisory and prep class to help prepare them for taking college entrance exams, writing their college essays, financial responsibility, college choice, and college life.

We additionally work with Austin Community College so that we can offer their Dual Credit Program to our students.

Every spring we allow our students to be the driving force behind our electives by having them fill out elective request forms. We take their requests and whenever possible, make then happen. Past electives have included anything and everything from home economics to neuropsychology. Our in-house general courses offered include but are not limited to: 

9th Grade: Algebra 1 or Geometry, Biology, World Geography, English I with Oxford Tutorial Style 1:1 Literature

10th Grade: Geometry or Algebra II, Physics, World History, English II with Oxford Tutorial Style 1:1 Literature

11th Grade: Algebra II or Precalculus, Chemistry, US History, English III,  College Prep

12th Grade: Precalculus or Calculus, Senior Science Seminar or Advanced Physics, US Gov/Econ, English IV, College Advisory


Languages other than English:

Latin, French, Spanish, ASL

Regular Electives: Yearbook/Lit magazine, Music, Art, PE/Yoga, College Advisory, Communications

Other Electives that vary semester to semester can include:

Technology, Theatre, Photography, Astronomy, Neurobiology, and other options based on student input


Our Schedule

 Our school offers core academic classes and languages on Monday through Thursday from 8:15 am - 3:25 pm. Friday's vibe is different - electives are offered from from 9 am - 12 pm.

Friday study hall offers a chance for students to catch up on missing work from noon to 2 pm.

Students who choose classes a la carte or to take core classes and electives outside of school have shortened schedules.

**Due to Covid-19, virtual class times are somewhat reduced in order to give our students time to get away from their computers between classes.**