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Keep Your School Community Strong

Huntington-Surrey is different. It’s not like any other high school. We carry and transmit, generation to generation, the inheritance of the liberal arts – but we do so within the vessel of a warm, loving, radically-affirming community. Classical rigor, individualized personal support, and a compassionate, inclusive collective spirit: it’s a unique cocktail. Not every student needs Huntington-Surrey – but those who do need us can’t do without what we offer.


Huntington-Surrey students are an eclectic bunch. Some are LGBTQ. Some are twice exceptional (2e). Some have faced bullying, harassment, or exclusion at other high schools. All have struggled to find their place elsewhere, lost in the shuffle at big, impersonal, institutional schools. And for every single one, Huntington-Surrey is the safe haven, the high school home where they’re welcomed as family. This is a special place. Austin – and the world – would be poorer without it.


That’s why we need your help. Every single person in our community – families, faculty, and alumni alike – needs to pitch in. We need to bring our collective passion, dedication, and resources together to make Huntington-Surrey as accessible and secure as we can.


There are students out there in Austin – Huntington-Surrey students in spirit, who are struggling and fighting just to get by in high school. They need Huntington-Surrey, the authentic alternative. We need to make sure it’s there for them. We all have a part to play in this mission. Every single one of us can do something to make it happen:


  • Make a tax-deductible gift today: Huntington-Surrey is a small, independent nonprofit. We are not a fabulously wealthy school sitting atop a dragon’s hoard of an endowment – every dollar we bring in goes right back into the school, our faculty, and serving our community. That means that every gift, no matter what size, carries an enormous impact. So please consider supporting your school today – click here to make your contribution now.


  • Support our annual Amplify Austin donation drive: each spring, Huntington-Surrey participates in a 24-hour day of donations through I Live Here, I Give Here, joining over 700 other local nonprofits in a festival of grassroots generosity! Click here to find out more, including how you can take part – including spreading the word to your friends and networks! - this spring. Remember, every little bit makes a big difference!


  • Participate in a corporate donor program: your company may offer a donation-matching program, or may even be interested in supporting Huntington-Surrey or Amplify Austin directly! Contact us to discuss more.


  • Support Huntington-Surrey through a retail program: Designate Huntington-Surrey through the Amazon Smile program to automatically donate a portion of what you spend to the school! This is an easy, no-extra-cost-to-you way to concretely show your Huntington-Surrey pride. And at Office Depot and OfficeMax, you can participate in the Give Back to Schools program using Huntington-Surrey’s ID number: 70094561


  • Refer students and families to Huntington-Surrey: No one can speak to the Huntington-Surrey difference better than the people who’ve experienced it firsthand, seeing the change that comes from a student encountering the liberal arts within a loving community. That’s why word of mouth remains our best advertisement – Huntington-Surrey is one of Austin education’s best-kept secrets, and personal referrals and word-of-mouth remain our strongest vector of outreach. We need you – our entire community – to spread the word!





  • Donate supplies and materials: Huntington-Surrey is always thrilled to receive tax-deductible in-kind donations of school supplies, office materials, science lab equipment, and books for our library! Contact us to find out more about how to give.


  • Help plan our 50th Anniversary Gala: Next year, Huntington-Surrey hits the big Five-O! We’ve been providing College Prep With Heart in the heart of Austin since 1973 – contact us to help plan our big birthday bash. Most important of all, don’t forget to mark your calendar and invite your friends as soon as the date is announced!


Every family’s circumstances are different. You know your own situation and your own budget – whatever level of support, financial or otherwise, you feel comfortable contributing, thank you from your entire Huntington-Surrey family. There is no degree of support that does not make a vital, tangible difference in keeping nonprofit, independent, College Prep With Heart education alive, thriving, and accessible in your Austin home.


You are keeping this tradition alive for all the free thinkers, all the unique and independent spirits, and all the students who need a place like Huntington-Surrey. So once again: thank you. Without you, our community, it would not be possible.

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