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Campus Life

Huntington-Surrey's School Community

Huntington-Surrey’s culture is not top-down. Huntington-Surrey students are not passive recipients of directives from above. Instead, one of our key values is a culture of democratic participation: a sense of collective and individual ownership and responsibility.


Our students know that Huntington-Surrey is their school: they’re more than just consumers. They’re full partners, shaping the on-campus atmosphere and the culture of the school in collaboration with each other, our faculty, and our extended Huntington-Surrey family.


Huntington-Surrey students learn-by-doing to be full, empowered participants in a democratic society.

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Huntington-Surrey offers a range of engaging, meaningful activities both on and off campus. From field trips to events like Career Fest to community celebrations like the Thanksgiving FeastArts Night, and Bring Your Pet To Breakfast, Huntington-Surrey students get to experience a regular schedule of intellectual expansion and cultural enrichment beyond their in-class academics.


Additionally, we actively encourage and support our students as they engage in volunteering, community service, and internships – we proactively help them find ways to engage, give back to their community, and get a taste of real-world workplace experience before they go off to college. In fact, we’ve even had students intern with Huntington-Surrey itself!


Then, in 2023, we’re having our 50th Anniversary Gala! This will be a chance for the entire Huntington-Surrey family to come together and celebrate a half century of College Prep With Heart. Stay posted for more details – and to discover how you can help plan the festivities, contact us today! This is an all-hands-on-deck undertaking: everyone can help make Huntington-Surrey’s birthday bash a success.

Student Clubs

Student clubs at Huntington-Surrey are precisely that: founded, led, and driven by the students themselves. Although they are sponsored by parents or faculty members, the initiative always belongs to the students: their interest and their leadership remain paramount. So, if you want a club you don’t see listed here, start it! The school is always thrilled to support and empower student club organizers any way we can.


Huntington-Surrey’s current clubs include:



Clubs currently awaiting parent sponsors (contact us to volunteer!) include:


  • Theatre and Improv Comedy

  • History

  • Debate

  • Activism


What other clubs would you like to see? It’s up to you!

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