Huntington-Surrey High School was established so students from all backgrounds would have an excellent academic experience in a safe, nurturing environment that caters to their individual needs. Our kids are at this school because this where they need to be. Whether they are dyslexic, gifted, have social anxiety or are a part of the LGBTQ community, our kids thrive with our small class sizes and safe, caring teachers. Our students graduate knowing they have the tools they need to make positive change in the world. Since  1973 we have held true to our mission because of the generosity of countless community members and businesses who share our view. As a 501c(3) non-profit your generosity helps us provide the best education possible to our students. Here are some ways that you can help our community continue to thrive and grow! 

  • When you shop on Amazon, don't forget to put Huntington-Surrey as your favorite charity as part of the Amazon Smile campaign.

  • Please consider donating to our school during the Amplify Austin non-profit fundraising time as your donations will be matched by local companies in town.

  • Consider having your company become an Amplify Austin Corporate Donor. Contact our business manager for more details today!

  • We are always on the lookout for landscaping and garden supplies for our outdoor classroom and vegetable garden. Contact us for more details on how you can donate!

  • Get in touch with us to learn more about how to support us.