Have a wonderful summer! If you feel like contacting me because you miss doing quadratic equations, let me know! :D


Mondays: Every Monday for homework, students will be asked to watch a preview of a lesson on a topic we are covering. They will fill out this document to show what they learned.
Tuesdays: Students will receive no more than 5 individualized math problems to do in a night.
Wednesdays: Students will receive what will essentially be a practice quiz for their Thursday assessments. These practice quizzes will be individualized.
Thursdays: Any missed questions on their assessments will need  to be taken home and revisited. Students will try the problems again and write a brief sentence or two about where they went wrong the first time. These will be due on Monday. If a student is unsure they can plan to visit me during my Friday office hours for extra help. 

Week of 6/1/19

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