We believe that English and Language Arts is the cornerstone of all learning.  Our students are guided through close reading and are taught critical thinking skills in order to better be able to analyze, discuss, and synthesize their own ideas in response to a variety of materials.  

Beyond teaching skilled reading, critical thinking, and conclusion drawing,  our students learn how to communicate their ideas effectively, efficiently, and appropriately for all types of audiences.  Teaching communication skills and the writing process at Huntington-Surrey is about quality and not quantity.  Students are given the time and mentorship in class to work on well-crafted essays without sacrificing their own unique voice.   

Our ELA class teachers work together with the other core class teachers so that projects and papers assigned in social studies or science classes are addressed in English class.  The students have the time and support during the school day to develop their best products.

Students will not find themselves burdened with having three big projects or papers due the same week in three different classes.  Our teachers work together to ensure that our students receive the tools and experience in writing all types of essays in an unpressured, supportive environment.

Literature is an important part of our ELA program.  We use the Oxford Tutorial Method to teach reading.  Literature groups range from one to three students in a class with one teacher-mentor.  Once a week,  these small groups are instructed on how to read all types of literature.  The focus is placed on how to find deeper meaning, how to interpret the author's tone and purpose, how to connect fiction to real-life, and how to communicate original ideas and thoughts inspired by the assigned reading.

Types of texts studied come from a wide variety of genres, cultures, and time periods.  Some of the literature studied is:

poetry, short stories, fables and folklore, classic lit, modern lit, ancient lit, non-fiction articles and essays, biographies, pop culture phenomenon, movies, song lyrics, satire, plays, speeches, editorials, etc.

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