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***7/22/20 Update: Huntington-Surrey High School will continue to remain virtual until medical professionals in our community tell us it is very safe to  return to in-person classes. There are still a lot of unknowns about the fall, but we do know that we can provide an excellent education for our students in a live, synchronous online learning environment; our school is committed to doing so. Offering free tutoring, study halls, and online social events has enabled us to stay connected in a way that is safe for our students, teachers, their families, and our community as a whole. We are committed to serving our community responsibly and to providing a stable, consistent education for our students.  We miss our face to face time with our students but understand that health and safety must come first.***

Huntington-Surrey High School  students did not miss a single day of of teacher-led instruction during the 2019-2020 school year. Our quick response allowed our students to maintain their regularly scheduled classes with their teachers via Zoom. This enabled teachers and students to interact and support one another through these trying times. We offered free tutoring during the school year as well as extended time for assignments, and Zoom social gatherings. Our parents were kept well-informed through weekly updates and monthly Zoom meetings.

 The health and safety of our students and faculty will continue to be our first priority. To that end, we are taking the following steps to ensure the health and safety of our school community during the 2020-2021 school year:

We are prepared for 3 different scenarios for Fall 2020:

  • Should hospitalizations in Travis County continue to be on the rise, we will maintain a virtual schedule.  Online study halls, extra tutoring times,  social times, and extended deadlines will continue to be virtual. Our virtual schedule will be as follows:


Period 1  8:30-9:10

Period 2  9:20-10:00


Period 3  10:30-11:10

Period 4  11:20-12:00


Period 5  1:00 -1:40

Period 6  1:50-2:30

Period 7  2:40-3:20

Fri- Period 1  9:00-10:00

Fri- Period 2  10:15-11:15

  • Should there be a consistent decline in cases in Travis County, the state, county, and local school districts are open, and our faculty, and families feel safe coming in, we will open on a limited basis. All students and faculty will be required to wear masks, and have their temperatures checked upon arrival and dismissal. Frequent hand washing and sanitizing after each student leaves an area will be required. Classes, lunches and breaks will be held outside whenever possible and limited students will be in the building per social distancing guidelines which means if there are more students than space, students will be grouped into Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday on campus groupings. Off days, students will be expected to still attend their classes via Zoom. All students will have the option to continue to take all their classes from home on Zoom.

  • Should a vaccine come into development and COVID-19 is no longer a threat, we will resume classes face-to-face with our regular school-year schedule. 

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us at


(512) 502 - 5400

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