Is Huntington-Surrey accredited?

Yes.  Huntington Surrey is accredited by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges  (AdvancEd) -- the same organization that accredits the University of Texas and many other educational institutions around the country.

What is British tutorial style learning?

Read about the structure, philosophy, and benefits by clicking here.


What do the students' daily schedules look like?

Our students typically attend Huntington Surrey about four to five hours a day, depending on course selections.  Generally the freshman/sophomore level core classes are taught between 8:00 am and noon and the junior/senior level core classes are taught between noon and 4:55 pm. We also offer elective classes throughout the day.  Students are welcome to stay the full school day to attend elective classes and/or work on assignments in our student lounge.

What are the graduation requirements?

Huntington Surrey follows the Texas Education Agency guidelines for granting high school diplomas. All students are advised individually about the choices available and which route best helps them reach their post high school goals.

What are the class sizes?

The student to teacher ratio never exceeds 8:1.  Our literature classes have only one, two, or three students maximum. These small class sizes allow each student to participate fully and allow the teachers time and flexibility to accommodate each student's individual learning needs.

What kinds of students do well at Huntington-Surrey?

Our students are smart, creative people who love to learn and who seek an educational environment that encourages original thought and that fosters a community of respect among students and staff alike.

Where do our students come from?

Huntington-Surrey students come from all over the city.  We receive students who have previously attended public school, private school, and home school.

My child has a learning difference/disability. Will he/she succeed at Huntington-Surrey?

That depends on several factors. The most important determination of a student's success at Huntington-Surrey is his/her/their desire to be at our school. Each student must want to attend our school in order to be accepted here as a student. During the interview and shadowing process, our staff collects information about the visiting student in order to determine if our school is the right fit for him/her. Once a student has been accepted to Huntington-Surrey, our qualified teachers and staff further assess the needs of the student in order to design appropriate and effective accommodations and/or modifications to our curriculum. 

Is Huntington-Surrey affiliated with any organizations?

Huntington Surrey is an independent, non-profit, private high school in Austin, TX. Our campus is currently located in the Highland Park Baptist Church, but we have no affiliation with the Baptist church or any other religion or religious group. We are an open and accepting school which does not discriminate based on religion, race, politics, sexual orientation, identity, or gender.

Do your students go on to attend college?

Yes! 100% of our students who apply are accepted into college.  Huntington-Surrey also has a partnership with Austin Community College that allows our students to take dual-credit college classes or complete a technical career program with tuition waved or significantly reduced.

What kinds of teachers work at Huntington-Surrey?

Our teachers are all 100% dedicated to helping our students' reach their full potential as learners and human beings. Each of our staff "sees" each student as a unique individual. Yes, we believe that education is important and we do everything we can to help each child succeed academically. However, we firmly believe that it is equally important to acknowledge and support each of our students' emotional and social needs. In a nutshell, our teachers are smart, degreed, credentialed teachers who care about the "whole student."



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