Social Studies classes at Huntington Surrey go beyond memorizing states and capitals.  With information readily available in our society from the internet and other outside sources, our primary goal as educators is to help our students discover, "What do we need to know?", "How do we find out about it?", and most importantly, "How can we use that information to learn more about ourselves and our world?"


The best sources of information are always primary sources.  Instead of relying on textbooks to tell our students about the Constitution of the United States, we read and discuss the actual document.  We discuss the history and the motivation behind the authors. We discover "for whom" the constitution was written, and debate the merits and meanings of the amendments.  Our teachers encourage the students to always question what they see or hear and think before forming an opinion or drawing a conclusion.  Studying history and cultures is a natural way to make connections among people, see repeating patterns in society, as well as compare and contrast historical figures and events that are similar in nature yet different in time or place. 

Huntington-Surrey strives to strengthen the students' understanding of history and cultures by incorporating  art, literature, music, cooking, time-lines, mapping, and pertinent documentaries into our curriculum.  Current events also play a large role in helping students gain a deeper and more personal understanding of their world.  We have the time and take the time to discuss what is happening in our lives right now! 

Classes offered in social studies:

World Geography and Cultures

World History

US History



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