Outside the Classroom



Getting Out Into the World

We believe nothing beats real-world experiences. To that end, we schedule relevant, fun, and educational activities ranging from participating in Career Fest to ice skating to visiting polling sites. We are anticipating our trip to Europe - in an upcoming post-COVID summer.

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Giving Back

Whether our students and faculty are out there fighting climate change, making masks, cleaning up parks, volunteering at animal shelters, or helping young kids learn science, we take pride in making a difference in our community. With many opportunities for volunteerism and internships, we help empower our students to know that they can make a positive difference.

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Jump In!

Huntington-Surrey has chapters of the National Honor Society and the National Beta Club. Membership in these recognizes not only high academic achievement but also leadership, service, and character.

In addition, Huntington-Surrey students participate in other student-led clubs. These may vary from year to year, but have included Dungeons & Dragons, gaming, feminism, LGBTQ, and other interests. This spring semester, Covid permitting, D & D Club will meet on the 1st and 3rd Fridays while History and Theatre will meet on the 2nd and 4th Fridays. Clubs meet (Covid permitting) on Friday afternoons after electives. 

Student-sponsored club events have included school dances, community donation drives, discussions of important topics, and weekly meet-ups just for fun!

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