9th/10th ELA-Assignments

Homework Months of June-August!

Read, read, read, something you will love! Write, write, write something you are proud of!

Speak, speak, speak, kindly, thoughtfully, and passionatley!  

Have a WONDERFUL summer!

Week of 4/1
'The Invitation' packet 
AP terms: hyperbole, assonance, telegraphic sentence, anaphora, 
Freshman ELA Week of 3/4:In conjunction with World Geo, we will be learning about the EU, asking essential questions, and forming opinions on Brexit.
*As a class, create a rubric for your opinion pieces
*Rubric other student opinion pieces and discuss their effectiveness
*Use graphic organizers for rough drafts of your own opinion pieces
*Identify parts of speech, practice comma placement rules
posted 2/22 
3rd period: homework -Read the final chapters of Siddhartha before class Monday, 3/4. Monday-journal day Tuesday-final discussion! classwork- continue PSAT and Lit Mag writing submissions
3rd period: Read and journal the chapter  'By The River' before class Tuesday. Remember, no school Monday 2/18, so be prepared for Tuesday's class by reading and journaling at home. Tuesday will be a discussion day. 
3rd period: For Monday 2/11 Read up to (not through) By the River 
3rd period: For Monday 2/4, read through Part I, Siddhartha.
Vocabulary cartoon due Wednesday 2/6
1/21 Sophomore ELA 
Journal in-class Common Themes/Essential Questions
1/22 Tuesday In-class discussion (based on journal responses)
1/15 Rough Draft of research essay due Tuesday, Jan 15. 
1/17 Final Draft of research essay due Thursday, Jan 17. 
* We will choose our new novels before the end of next week. 2nd semester starts 1/21. 
NOVEL CHOICES: Siddhartha, Herman Hesse 
The Old Man and the Sea, Hemingway 
Mondays: Lit Day- Journaling and Independent Reading (see journal expectations https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xFLr5shIKiL2QvwIBPRsW4q8k4FtHg_e2m2C2dAjsXA/edit?usp=sharing)
Tuesdays: Lit Day- Discussion 
Wednesdays/Thursdays: Research and Composition 
12/6-12/11 Read assigned portion of your book and journal before Tuesday 12/11. 
12/12-12/13 Continue to add to your Resource Document, fill out outline for your essay.
Resource doc- link below:
To watch the Ray Bradbury interview, click the link on the second slide: 
Welcome back! 
Make sure you check your email and your planners and be prepared for class tomorrow. 
1ST PERIOD GET YOUR COPY OF FAHRENHEIT 451, by Ray Bradbury over Thanksgiving break. I sent an email reminder. Check if so that you'll know which copy to get. Thanks! 
All other classes, check your emails from Lanie and/or Eryn for your assignment over the break. 
11/7 Get your book! Ask your parents nicely. :) 
11/5: complete Project Evaluation form 
11/6: Get your book! 
Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury or 
The House on Mango Street, Sandra Cisneros 
(you'll know which book to get after class Tuesday) 
1st period: narratives! 
3rd-4th periods: continue to prepare for group's lesson Thursday
1st period: 2 paragraphs of personal narrative due Tuesday 
3rd and 4th periods: No homework unless you have a specific task for your group project (check reminders in your planners!)
October 24th Assignment
1st period: 500! Personal Narrative Prompts
Scroll through these if you still don't know what you want to write about. 
3rd and 4th periods:  Read Vonnegut letter: 
'I am very real'
(handout given in class OR you can find it by googling Letters of Note I am very real)
October 23 :Due tomorrow 
Using the Writer's Write page of 155 Tone words, choose 10 unfamiliar words to learn! Make a list of words and definitions. Thanks! 
October 22: Due tomorrow
Read the condensed version of your group's element: Detail, Imagery or Syntax 
Define all unfamiliar words, as you will be teaching this information to the class! 
October 18: BEFORE CLASS MONDAY 10/22 
3rd & 4th periods- find your name/group below:
Group Detail- Read and annotate the Detail section of your Elements of Style notes:
Meg, Stephanie, Evan, Mallory, and Melody
Group Imagery- Read and annotate the Imagery section of your Elements of Style notes: 
 Brooklyn, Haley, Aaron, Ben, Jack and Gregory
Group Syntax: Read and annotate the Syntax section of your Elements of Style notes: 
Jacob, Jake, and Julia 



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