11th/12th ELA-Assignments

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FINAL weeks reading assignments here:
#4, week of 4/29 
In Cold Blood 187-246
1984 Part 2: Chapter 9 (through 9/yes, read 9!)
#5 week of 5/06
In Cold Blood 246-292
1984 - (on the whiteboard)
#6 week of 5/13
In Cold Blood 292-343 (The end!)
Reading Assignment #3
In Cold Blood 125-187
1984 up to Part 2: Chapter 7
Reading Assignment #2 for Monday 4/19
In Cold Blood 66-125
Week of 4/8
Reading Assignments: 
In Cold Blood 1-66
1984 1-48 (up to chapter 5)
Week of 4/1 
Continue Quizlet study of SAT vocab
Commencement Speech brainstorm/quickwrite assignments found here  
Bring your copy of In Cold Blood or 1984 to class Thursday! 
SAT vocab quizlet link to join class and create your 6 flashcards
SAT completed vocab flashcard set. STUDY HERE! https://quizlet.com/380178770/sat-vocab-flash-cards/
Don't forget to get your copy of Truman Capote's In Cold Blood or George Orwell's 1984
*Even if you aren't buying yours on Amazon, please check the following links and get this version of the book.  
1984 link https://www.amazon.com/1984-Signet-Classics-George-Orwell/dp/0451524934/ref=sr_1_1?crid=URTHA8KDV4VG&keywords=1984+george+orwell&qid=1552415508&s=gateway&sprefix=1984%2Caps%2C185&sr=8-1
In Cold Blood  https://www.amazon.com/Cold-Blood-Truman-Capote/dp/0679745580/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=in+cold+blood&qid=1551722821&s=gateway&sr=8-1
Week of 3/11
Homework: Study SAT vocab, finish The Burning House Journal
In class: SAT practice, parallelism, vocabulary, revision techniques
Week of 3/4
Homework: continue working on The Burning House Journal
In class: continue SAT practice (Grammar this week!) and Literary Magazine writing and submissions
 2/18-Homework :prepare for final Lit discussions (finish Siddhartha and The Catcher in the Rye)  In class: continue SAT practice (Reading this week!) and creative writing for Literary Magazine.  
2/13 homework for tomorrow, Thurs 2/14
Explore Language is a Virus and choose  anything to try OR Write (Stream of consciousness/'crazy child writing' for 15 minutes) 
Bring results to class tomorrow. 
Remember, there is no school Monday 2/18
 FINISH YOUR BOOK AND YOUR JOURNAL BEFORE class Tuesday 2/19 Tuesday will still be a discussion day(Both Siddhartha and The Catcher in the Rye groups are finishing by Tuesday)
For Monday 2/11 
Siddhartha, read up to (not through) By the River 
The Catcher in the Rye, chapters 10-18
...and finish your Primary Source Analysis document if you haven't already! (Before class Monday)
For Monday's Journal (Feb 4th) and Tuesday's Discussion (Feb 5th), students reading:
The Catcher in the Rye, read chapters 1-9
 Siddhartha, read all of Part I (through chapter entitled 'Awakening')
1/21 Journal in-class Common Themes/Essential Questions
1/22 Tuesday In-class discussion (based on journal responses)
Important Upcoming Due Dates
1/15 Rough Draft of research essay due Tuesday, Jan 15.*If your rough draft is not complete at the start of your English class Tuesday 1/5, 10 points will be deducted from your final draft grade. 
1/17 Final Draft of research essay due Thursday, Jan 17. 
* We will choose our new novels before the end of next week. 2nd semester starts 1/21. 
Mondays: Lit Day- Journaling and Independent Reading (see journal expectations https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xFLr5shIKiL2QvwIBPRsW4q8k4FtHg_e2m2C2dAjsXA/edit?usp=sharing)
Tuesdays: Lit Day- Discussion 
Wednesdays/Thursdays: Research and Composition
12/6-12/11 Read assigned portion of your book and journal before Tuesday 12/11. 
12/12-12/13 Continue to add to your Resource Document, fill out outline for your essay.
Resource doc- link below:
To Watch the Ray Bradbury interview, click  the link on the 2nd slide: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1hdxI-NRYH0XQ8PeQ7Pa4MCW0CTolVKnHat9wcgaGrzk/edit?usp=sharing
CLARIFICATION FOR ALL 11th/12th grade Fahrenheit 451 readers: 
*2 paragraphs about what you value/what our society values ( you have two emails about it: one from Cat, one from Eryn) were due 11/26. Hand in ASAP if you haven't. 
*Find and print an article about the costs and/or benefits of technology in our society. Must be from 2016-2018. Due 11/28
*Visual representation/illustration of moment/quote/passage (check email from Eryn) EXTENDED. DUE DATE IS NOW 12/3. 
* Make sure you understand before leaving Thursday what pages you are supposed to read over the weekend. It will differ depending on which class you are in. Remember, you are now journaling once a week. Let us know if you didn't get the Journal sheet to tape into your journal. 
Slaughterhouse 5 and Brothers Karamazov readers, double check with Eryn. (or TBA)
Nov 13: Everyone has started their new novels!  Lots of exciting discussion is happening!
Students have reading assignments and questions due Monday, Nov 26th (after the break.)  
Final Draft of college essays due Thursday,
11/8. Get your book! (if you don't already know which book to get, you'll know by the end of class Tuesday.
Fahrenheit 541, Ray Bradbury
Slaughterhouse Five, Kurt Vonnegut 
Brother Karamazov, Fyodor Dostoevsky 
10/30-11/1: No homework! In class: College essays, college talk, and 2081 film (compare/contrast to text) 
10/29 Did you finish your Harrison Bergeron questions in class? If not, please finish them for homework. 
Due 10/25 
Read college essay aloud (to yourself unless you want to ask your sibling to listen :) :) 
Work on it! Make decisions, make changes. ( You will get to take a break from it soon, but give it some more effort for the rest of this week. It will pay off. 
Due 10/24
Read and Annotate 'CLUTTER' handout given in class. If you lose the hard copy, you can find the material here (link below) and you will need to take notes as an alternative to annotating. (bring the notes to class in order to get credit.) 
Open up the rough draft of your common app college essay and do as the professor in 'Clutter' does- put a bracket or highlight every component that isn't doing 'useful work.' Don't delete! You can do that later. 
This will make much more sense when you've done a close reading of 'Clutter'  :) 
Here's the link, scroll to the Chapter 3 'Clutter' if you don't have the paper copy.
DUE 10/23 Finish Rough Draft of Common App Essay! (If you started a new prompt, be prepared to show your Brainstorming )
DUE: 10/22  
Rough Draft of one Common App prompt/ college essay 

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